designer & developer

Design School


  • React
  • pose.js
  • canvas
  • Sass

A project inspired by Farid Shukurov behance project.

I wanted to bring the design to life, by adding movement through animation to the site. In particular I created a canvas background which would generate random curves which would draw across the background.


The African Chef


  • Liquid
  • Sass
  • Javascript
  • Shopify

Working closely with the African Chef team to create a shopify template which would improve sales and match their branding. I added patterns and animations to the site, to add a fun and vibrant feel which the African Chef brand is about.

Included in the template, was an instagram feed and a pop-up email sign-up modal.

Vegan Cookbook


  • Gastby.js
  • React
  • Netlify-CMS
  • sass

A Recipe site with a focus on simplicity.

This gatsby site uses Netlify CMS to create the new recipe pages and add them into the correct categories, making it simple and easy to update. The site uses fun animations throughout the site and uses css grid to create overlapping and responsive designs.